Frequently Asked Questions Regarding my custom Kindle cover


I receive numerous messages regarding my custom cover, generally via email from my site.  Although I do my best to respond promptly, I'm often simply not physically or technically able to respond in a timely fashion.  I make these covers simply as a diversion from my real job.  The job that actually pays the bills, my children's college tuition and often a tank of gas requires a great deal of travel.  I am on a first name basis in many airports and would suggest there are some seats with a permanent impression of my backside on several airplanes.  I will attempt to post some of the most common questions and answers, but still feel free to contact me any time.


Question :

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I see the clip on the left side but am unsure as to how the Kindle is held on the left. I sew a one inch square of Velcro to the cover on the right side and supply a 1/2" Velcro dot to attach to the Kindle.  I chose this method simply for the fact that there is not much real estate on the right side of the device, especially top right.  I could easily have used and elastic band as some others but I suggest it will eventually loose it's elasticity.  I only have look in my under shorts drawer to verify my confidence with elastic.  I chose to make a stronger metal frame for the left thus requiring minimum on the right.


Can I send you my fabric for a custom cover? I don't have a problem occasionally making a truly unique design with your fabric.  It may take a bit longer as I sort of have a routine with styles I make often


Are you still making covers?  I check every day and everything is sold out. I make these covers every chance I get and post at least twenty per week.  I am humbled and amazed at how fast they sell out, regardless of  how many I post.  I still have a real job and sewing is just a hobby. 
How do I contact you to discuss custom items? Contact me from my website. 
Why do you just make a couple of each style? I rarely buy a lot of any one style of material.  I think I justify my rational by somehow thinking it's fairly cool to have an almost one of a kind handmade item (sort of like your Grandma's quilt) and the other reason is I have zero clue what you might actually buy.  My sense of fashion is cut off jeans and a T-shirt>
Why do you make the inside pocket so shallow, I would like to carry my IPOD in the case? Contrary to popular belief, there was some method to my design.  Making a giant pocket is not a problem.  I'm not trying to conserve on the extra couple inches of fabric.  My design is to keep anything you put in the pocket as far away from the screen as possible.  My pocket is the approximate depth as the keyboard height.  I suggest that I provide a six inch pocket, someone out there will try an jam their MP3 player, earphones and lunch in the cover only to shortly discover their $400 toy is useless with a broken screen.  I may eventually make an additional pocket on the outside.
Will you notify me prior to posting new covers? I only make a limited number of these per week.  There may be times that I don't make any due to my real job and travel.  I suggest that if you are looking for a cover and it is sold out, click the notify icon for that product  This will automatically generate an email when I have new postings.  Please continue to look at my website example and make suggestions.  I make weekly pilgrimages to my local fabric stores and assure you that most of my patterns are not my design but from your suggestions.
Do you plan to mass produce these covers? That would defeat the concept of hand made.  I take pride in making each individual cover, trimming each loose thread and hand fitting each Kindle.  There are far too few actual craftsmen left in America.  I am satisfied in making a hand crafted, well made custom cover and selling it at a reasonable price, often less than the cheap mass produced stuff.