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WEST COLUMBIA, SC - (Newswire) Internet Mogul and entrepreneur, StrangeDog, thumbs his nose at so called financial experts.  In a press release today, Strangedog announced a major expansion the Mega Factory with the purchase of two new manufacturing presses.  According to a factory spokesman, he indicated that the two larger presses more than double our current capability when a heavy object is needed to hold something down.


According to Mr. Dog, " I didn't  intend to add two new presses, originally purchasing the smaller press pictured on the right.  This was larger than my original press, pictured in the center and more than adequate for our manufacturing requirements."  He continued, " It's not unlike purchasing a new car or computer, as soon as you get it home, there's a newer, faster and better model.  In the case of purchasing a third press, I didn't realize they made the 50oz can at the time I added the 38oz can to my operation."

Mr. Dog boldly stated, "I want to make it clear that I purchased products made in the USA.  I believe in investing in America although French Green Beans were slightly less expensive if I bought the store brand."

Mr. Dog was unable to provide and exact weight for the new presses but indicated that with the empty cans filled with spare change that they are a lot heavier than with beans.  According to Mr. Dog, " I only have a postage scale with a maximum capacity of five pounds, that big can would wreck my only scale." 


With the addition of two new presses, pictured on the left, theoretically four things could be held down simultaneously.