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 You will be greatly disappointed if you are searching for even the slightest hint of entertainment or creativity.  It is a pathetic statement that you have chosen to visit this site considering the plethora of information available on the Internet....

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West Columbia, SC (NEWSWIRE)   Internet mogul, entrepreneur and owner of the Strangedog mega-factory (middle age guy with a sewing machine), Frank Nichols issued a public statement today dispelling rumors of Strangedog Kindle covers being carried by the rich and famous.

According to Mr. Nichols, "To the best of my knowledge, my covers were not seen at the Oscars nor the Cannes Film Festival.  Those were small purses carried by the starlets."  He continued  "I don't even make jewel encrusted Kindle covers, besides who goes to an exclusive glitzy event to read?"

An independent investigative team was invited into the mega-factory in an attempt to verify Mr. Nichols statement.  Although plenty of canvas, floral prints, dragonfly patterns and even fabric with lizards and frogs was found, no supply of diamonds or golden thread was discovered.

Mr. Nichols is currently seeking third party verification from someone with both TIVO and HD television, preferably with zoom capabilities to provide further verification and an end to these unfounded rumors.  He emphatically stated " I don't even have a sewing machine capable of sewing through diamonds, they were little pocketbooks!" He further stated " Don't even get me started about the Pope carrying a Strangedog cover.  That's simply ridiculous, I'm reasonably confident if he was carrying anything it was a Bible.  I've never made a gold leaf kindle cover."

While never looking up from his sewing machine, the humble craftsman indicated that as far as he was concerned that everyone that owned one of his cover might not be rich and famous but were all celebrities in his eyes.  Mr. Nichols further indicated " I hope no one reads this and thinks my covers will make them rich and famous.  I can only promise that my covers are reasonably well made, fairly eye catching and pretty comfortable to hold while reading." 


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Frequently asked questions..

Don't waste your time reading the description if you fall into any of the following categories:

  1. Don't care to stand out from the crowd.
  2. Prefer a stiff black plastic cover.
  3. Want the same thing as everyone else.
  4. Rather have something made in China

This is a handmade cover available in many styles.  It is lightly padded fabric over artist stiff board, has a metal clip to hold the Kindle and leather center binding.  The case easily folds over and adjust for left or right hand holding.

There is a strong chance that you will be quite unique as there are not millions on the market due to the fact that I only make a couple when the mood strikes. 

I'm amazed at the number of complaints regarding the Kindle case and the limited options for replacement. The majority of the discussion generally centers around the lack of ability to comfortably read with the device in the case. After a futile search for the ultimate case, I simply made my own.

While thousands have taken the razor and Velcro approach to the original case, the only objective reached is that the device no longer falls out. It remains uncomfortable to hold in a natural position while reading. Others have gravitated to the leather "not named" commercial case with pockets to hold stuff. The fact remains that although attractive and business like, it doesn't feel like a book, the device is loosely supported by a flap, and there is no practical reason to store business cards in your book (extra pockets).       more...

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Useless advice from a most unqualified source

 Hey Big Dog.... I'm thinking of selling my Kindle.  It's caused me nothing but trouble.  I'm a big guy, ride a smoking boss Harley, enjoy having a longneck with my buds and reading Nicholas Sparks books.  I purchased one of your covers recently. Every time I pull my Kindle from my saddle bag the harassment begins often ending with someone getting cut. What do bikers have against reading?  Snake

Dear Snake, I've personally heard no reports that bikers take offence to reading.  Many of these guys are family men and business professionals.  I'm concerned with your choice of cover style as there is a remote possibility your buds have a problem with flowers.  You might want to dress up your cover with some blood stains, barb wire or consider one of my canvas/leather covers.  You might want to balance out your reading with a few selections from Lee Child.

Dear Mr. Dog  A lot of products are advertised as "dish washer safe".  What exactly does "dish washer safe" mean and does the Kindle meet this safety standard?  Phobic in Philly

Dear PIP  The term "dish washer safe" refers to the compatibility between appliances.  This analogy is better explained in the animal kingdom i.e.: mongoose and cobra, natural enemies.  The Kindle should be perfectly safe in or around a dish washer, provided the dish washer is not powered on.  The same standard would apply between the Kindle and a toaster oven, especially if the toaster oven was completely disconnected from a power supply.

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