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Question :  I have read a lot of very positive reviews about your handmade covers.  They are typically described as well made and there have even been reports of strait seams.  Are these true customers or do you write your own reviews? Answer : It's obvious that I did not write these reviews.  I have always attempted to maintain full disclosure.  I would never claim to have strait stitching.  I'm not claiming that I've never made a cover with perfect stitching but if so it was not intentional.  In fact if I had realized I made one with perfect seams, I would have kept it for myself.

Question : I am doing my estate planning and want to leave a legacy item  for my family.  Which of your covers do you suggest would make an appropriate family heirloom?

Answer :  A heirloom is simply a tangible item while legacy is how you want to be remembered for future generations.  As a legacy, you will be remembered as tightwad, spendthrift and cheap with a $24.95 cover.  For an heirloom, you might consider one of the $40 ones.  Frogs and lizards might show you were cheap but had a sense of humor.  Your decision needs deep personal reflection.  Honestly, you're probably not going to have great impact in the legacy/heirloom department with a Kindle cover unless you stuff the inside pocket with large bills, deeds and stock certificates.

Question : You don't seem to have a lot of information on your site about Osteoporosis.  I don't want to have a loss of bone mass as this can lead to fractures? Answer : Perhaps you have my site confused with WebMD as the spelling is very close.  I have intentionally been very silent regarding Osteoporosis, both postmenopausal and age related osteoporosis as the subject is not my specific area of expertise.  Any chance you might be interested in a Kindle cover?
Question : What's all this business about "Green"? I want to be in sync with today's generation but just don't understand terms like "go green", "Green Day", "Greenpeace" etc.  Is the Kindle Green? Answer : I understand your frustration as there is so much media coverage regarding the green movement.  We've got a former Vice President running around the world and making movies about green.  Green is actually a color, the perception of which is evoked by light having a spectrum dominated by energy with a wavelength of roughly 520570 nanometers.  The Kindle is not green but white with a gray screen.
Question :  Your website is useless.  I have searched every page trying to find the temperature for tomorrow.  It was zero today and the weatherman said it would be twice as cold tomorrow.  What will the temperature be? Answer : I understand your frustration trying to find this information on my site.  The title of  "Useless Web Page" should have tipped you off that I'm not maintaining an online encyclopedia.  I would have to have more information regarding "zero" such as was this measured in inches, liters or pounds?  I know for a fact that -273 degrees Kelvin is absolute zero.
Question :  I think something is wrong with my Kindle.  Everything is in black and white and the color adjustment doesn't seem to be working.  Do you think putting it in one of your colorful covers will help? Answer :  I'm afraid a colorful cover will only accentuate your problem.  The bright colors will only make the shades of gray more obvious.  You might consider a black or gray cover to mute the contrast.  Have you recently changed your settings?  You might try holding the unit upside down while rotating the joy stick.
Question :  Could you explain how voice to text works?  It sounds a bit robotic. Answer :  You are very observant and obviously have a keen sense of hearing.  The Kindle II actually has a couple of small robots inside, a male and female.  They are not as flexible as the robots used in manufacturing, in fact they are of little use for anything except reading.