It would be an understatement to say that it was a challenge to create a functional cover for the original Kindle.  Giant buttons combined with a strange wedge shape and no real estate on the right side to grasp required some real thought and a lot of prototypes to get it right.

It appeared that K2 was a gift from the ergonomic engineering gods with it's uniform thickness and slim design.  The first rule in unique design is to begin with no preconceived ideas, therefore no Amazon or other cover was purchased for reverse engineering.

The simple idea driving the design was based on the primary function of the Kindle, reading.  Like my design for the original K1, my desire was to have a functional cover that would securely hold an expensive device, be comfortably held in any position and as a bonus offer a little creativity.

Although firmly committed to simplicity, the simple way is often pretty cheesy.  My first pass included elastic straps on the four corners, piece of cake as far as assembly.  With this method, the one man mega factory could double production!  Needless to say this model was carried off with last weeks garbage pickup.  Although cheap and easy, elastic has a natural tendency to stretch.  I have a whole drawer full of under shorts as evidence of it's ability to stretch, some of these same under garments have stretched so much they could now serve as boat covers.

I once again decided to use a metal clip on K2.  Fortunately the uniform thickness allowed more options than K1 and required a much smaller clip.  The right side of K1 is another story, same thickness but not much on that lower corner.