Not only is there very little real estate on the lower right corner, but the corner is rounded, providing less area to secure under elastic or a rigid ear.  The back button is located approximately 5/8" from the lower right corner, leaving a maximum of 1/2" available for any securing method.  Considering that the Kindle is typically held in an upright position, there is no margin for slippage of the bottom.

Although some people get wigged out about sticking anything on the back of their Kindle, evidenced by occasional emails regarding this concern, I chose the Velcro route that has never failed on the hundreds of Kindle One cover.  The secure metal clips on the left side provide enough purchase that only a very small Velcro tab is required, practically the size of a postage stamp.  Having solved mounting the Kindle in the cover, left plenty of room for a unique design.

I returned to the fundamentals of why I purchased a Kindle in creating my final design, holding the book comfortably in any position.  A decision was made to make the cover as small as possible.  There's practically zero overlap of the cover past the edges of the Kindle, the same as the typical paper book.  The cover is extremely light, weighing in at 4.5 ounces. It weighs less than one pound with the Kindle inserted.  Although the cover has a light padding, inside and out, it's a bit less than one inch closed with the Kindle inside.  In addition to being stitched with heavy nylon thread, typically used for leather, there is a heavy duty brass snap.  Initially you might find this snap a bit difficult.  It's a size 24 marine snap, designed to hold down a heavy canvas boat cover while driving down the highway, a bit of overkill for a 10oz device.  Considering the ten ounce device cost $359, the extra heavy snap has some justification.

In summary, Strangedog covers are still hand made, one at a time, by a single middle aged SC redneck with a sewing machine.  There will never enough covers to meet the request received simply because their production is simply a creative diversion from a real job.  Each is a unique creation that I suggest you will find evidence of a lot of pride from your humble craftsman.





Two 1/2" metal clips hold the K2 on the left.  The center soft leather center strip allows a little real estate to hold the Kindle on the left when opened.  It also allows holding on the right side when the leather strip is folded behind the Kindle.

By design, there's not much cover overlapping the edges of the Kindle, same as the typical paper book.  A compelling reason for the new Kindle design was a slimmer profile.  Why add an extra 1/4" of cover?

It's definitely thin by design at a bit less than one inch with the Kindle inserted in the cover!

That's a huge brass snap!  By design, I suggest that if it will secure a canvas boat cover at 60 mph, it should be sufficient to secure a 10oz Kindle.