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 Dear Mr. Strangedog

I can't seem to keep a book on my Kindle.  It's like they just disappear when I hold it upside down. It's made reading in bed impossible.  I thought these things were supposed to hold hundreds of books.  I'm so upset I could just spit.                         Spitting mad in Georgia

Ms. Spitting;  It appears that you have a very early model of the Kindle, possibly a prototype.  These were subject to random memory loss and need to be occasionally re-booted by holding the unit upside down and shaking.  If this does not cure the problem you might try laying the unit face up on your chest and use a mirror to read.

Dear Mr. Strangedog I purchased a Kindle to consolidate devices. My back is hurting from carrying a phone, book, personal organizer and MP3 player with FM Radio.  I like the book feature on the Kindle but am having trouble with the radio.  NPR junkie in Iowa

Dear Radiohead  It appears that you have lost your antenna and are not able to bring in a distant signal.  You can either purchase a replacement or make a high gain antenna as pictured with a clothes hanger and some tape. Be sure to get the correct USB plug as the one on the Kindle is very small.  Tape it to the hanger so it's has a good connection.  This will have to be removed when charging the Kindle.

Dear Mr. Strangedog  My Kindle is making a strange sound.  It sounds like a family of mice are inside.  Sometimes it sounds like little feet running and scratching on the back of the screen.      Jersey Girl in Iowa

 J. Girl.  I suggest that you may actually have a family of rodents that have made your Kindle their new home.  Common rodents include mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, gophers, porcupines, beavers, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, chinchillas.  An uncovered USB or ear phone port make an easy entrance.  You might try sealing your Kindle in a plastic bag for a couple of days cutting off their supply of oxygen.  Be sure to cover the ports with tape to prevent this happening again 

Dear Mr. Strangedog  I think my Kindle is leaking a clear fluid at night.  I usually fall asleep reading in bed and wake up to find my Kindle all wet.  What do I do if all the fluid leaks out, I don't want it to over heat?  Soggy in Saginaw

Dear Soggy  I don't think your Kindle is the source of the problem.  I'm fairly sure the internal coolant contains a dye, much like antifreeze used in your car.  Have you noticed anything else wet, such as your pillow, pajamas or sheet?  The first step is to rule out normal condensation.  I suggest trying an adult bib for a couple of nights.