I recently posted a survey on my Useless Web Page for the purpose of gathering a little feedback regarding the futile attempts of many to actually purchase one of my covers.  It would be an understatement to indicate that I was not only amazed that so many people actually discovered the little survey button, but how diligently long so many have sought one of my humble covers.  I've only had the survey button available for a couple of weeks and received hundreds of responses.  A few of the statistics include:

  • 72%     Of the respondents have been trying to purchase a cover for months
  • 22%     Have been trying to purchase a cover for so long they have forgotten
  • 15%     Don't even believe I'm still making covers
  • 85%     Want me to take backorders
  • 27%     Were willing to wait two weeks for shipment from backorder
  • 71%     Were willing to wait " as long as it takes" for a backordered cover (the most surprising response!)
  • 100%   Thought they were reasonably priced (the most flattering statistic!)
  • 0%       Suggested that I post notices of availability on the Goodyear Blimp


I've struggled with the backorder issue since I started making covers, even posting a few for pre-order on a few occasions.  It essentially made me "crazy", the idea that I have accepted money without a product available for delivery.  The result was that I literally worked like a deranged man, trying to get the backorders made and shipped in record time.  My little hobby started looking like a job, there were orders to fill immediately because you sent me money!

After much effort and struggling through unfamiliar code, my store has been modified to take pre-orders with a slight twist, no money is required to place an order.  I've called it a "WAIT LIST".  There are still a couple of options to pay in advance on the check out page, but only because I give up trying to figure out how to remove the PayPal button.  Currently the waitlist has a limited number of cover styles and a fixed amount of orders.  I want to get an idea of the type of volume I can expect as I really want to deliver your cover in a reasonable amount of time.  Yes, 71% indicated they were willing to wait as long as it takes, but at my rate of production, a few hundred covers would be a really long time!  This might be practical if you are purchasing a cover for your two year old to have when they start reading but I suspect the Kindle 500 will be much different, probably the size of a postage stamp with a six foot virtual screen!

Regardless, you spoke loud and clear and I'm giving it a shot with the WaitList feature.  Let's see how it goes and if I can keep up with demand, deliver covers in a reasonable amount of time and maintain my sanity, I'll expand the selection and increase the amount available.  I've also broken off contract negotiations for advertising on the Good Year blimp!