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W.Columbia, SC   Local entrepreneur and Internet mogul, ( i.e.: middle aged man with a sewing machine), Frank Nichols, announces his plan to boost the American Economy with capital investments.

According to Mr. Nichols, he stated " Every time I open the paper or turn on the TV or Radio, everyone advises the solution to our economic problem is to spend money.  It will not be said that Strangedog held on to the purse strings too tightly.  I've been in a buying frenzy and just hope I can control myself."

Inquiring reporter: Give me some examples.

Frank: I have ordered 9,500 yards of Size 46 Polyester thread.  That's a full one pound spool!  I've stocked up on material, not limiting myself to a single yard.  In some cases I've ordered four yards.

Inquiring reporter: Wow, that's a lot of thread!  Did you have any trouble getting credit. 

Frank: I decided not to go the credit route.  I have confidence in our recovery and dipped into the company reserves.  A pound of thread should last my life time as well as provide for future generations.  I'm confident future sales will cover the $20.99 capital expense.

Inquiring reporter: Have you added any new equipment or have any expansion plans?

Frank: I have added another sewing machine to my sweat shop.  Of course this was purchased locally at a flea market for twenty dollars.  I should realize a small increase in production by not having to stop sewing to change thread color.  There is a strong possibility I may buy a new folding table if sales continue.

Inquiring reporter: Is there any truth to the rumor that Strangedog is a Mickey Mouse operation, in other words "rinky dink"?

Frank:  That's a vicious rumor and far from the truth.  Indicating the Strangedog Mega factory as Mickey Mouse is giving me far too much credit.  Although with hard work, my goal is to achieve "rinky dink" status.